St. SOLEIL  by etre britta

Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA 2095


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© 2020 St. Soleil by Etre Britta 

Child Of The Universe Oracle Deck • PREORDER


"Etre Britta's stunning card deck and extended guidebook is a bridge between the heavens and Earth. She pulls together celestial and astrological energies to bring you complete guidance from Universal Source, and opens the channel of communication to our Higher Selves. This Oracle Set is wonderfully executed to reach an audience of both beginners and advanced practitioners alike.


Illustrated, written and created by Etre Britta, Child Of The Universe stands to be a new cult sensation with allure, mystery and magic."

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View the original deck here as a preview to the Gold Edition:

"It’s my desire that the Child Of The Universe project brings the beautiful gift of spiritual perspective; one that beacons each of us to step back from the drama of our lives so that we may embrace the wonderments that we too often shut out. The dreamy, celestial nature of the cards and guidebook helps us to drift off into a spiritual state of being, reminding us we not only belong to humanity but also amongst the stars of the cosmos. May it instil that we are all unique golden threads of light interwoven within the indivisible fabric of Universal existence, and we are never as separated as we ever think or feel."

- Etre Britta